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Who am I ?


My spiritual journey started as a teenager when, at age of 17 (1986), I started to study Chinese martial arts; I then naturally turned to Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. The practice of Chi Kung, meditations, mantras entered quite early in my life. While continuing these daily practices diligently, I became interested in Western spiritual teachings, studying energy, Kabbalah, geobiology …

It was in 1996 that I started to get interested in Indonesian martial arts, martial learning of course but also parallel Indonesian mysticism that quickly fascinated me. I then distanced myself from the practices I had before to devote myself wholeheartedly to these Indonesian teachings, which have since been developing in me and through me. My Indonesian teachers quickly allowed me to witness unusual phenomena and physics as I had learned in my Western culture. After having witnessed it several times, they allowed me to live it on my body, through initiations involving fire, blades … These initiations allowed me to realize that there was another plane that the physical plane and that having lived it on my body, my mind could not now deny it.

Questioning my teachers, I quickly understood that they worked with forces of nature, spirits, ancestors and by my personal research, I understood that these practices were often inducing a state of trance which was experienced under shamanism even if in Indonesia they will not use this term. I was in the presence of these ancestral practices beyond any religious conditioning.

At the same time, in France, I was starting to study shamanism within the FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies) in order to better understand in a Western way, the ins and outs of this ancestral art found at the source of all our cultures on every continent, shamanism. My apprenticeship with the FSS gave me a better understanding of what I was experiencing in Indonesia.

Since 2012, I have been devoting a large part of my energy to the transmission of shamanism (without the use of entheogenic substances) in a global vision, non-dogmatic and free of any dependence. For almost 10 years, I travelled as much as I could to complete my training. Mongolia where I get in acquaintance various shamans, including Enkkhetuya, Sweden with the Sami, still Indonesia but also Nepal, which allowed me to discover and study shamanism which is still very lively and dynamic. My apprenticeship continues alongside my Javanese teachers as well as with my friend Bhola Banstola (a Nepalese shaman, descending from 27 generations of Nepali shamanic healers).

I wish from the bottom of my heart that my learning would go on as long as possible and that I will continue to share this wisdom around me, in my community for the well-being and happiness of all.


I wish to express my gratitude to all the teachers who marked my career until today and who hold a special place in my heart :
Christian Arnoux, Liang Chao Qun, Georges Charles, Didier Beddar, Isabelle Croset, Martin Notohardjo, Mas Gus Fud, Abah Jhuro, Pak Haji Syofyan Nadar, Mas Q-Bil, Mas Agus, Mas Joko, Mas Sugeng, Mangku Jitho, Laurent Huguelit , Ulla Straessle, Paul Uccusic, Michael Hasslinger, Patrick Vanhoebrouck, Ananda Oskari, my wife, my son, my parents and my ancestors and all my brothers and sisters at heart.

gorka etxarri


In order for you to have access to first-hand information and to avoid unspoken comments, rumors and finally malicious acts, whether voluntary or involuntary, I want to share with you in full transparency what organization I depend on or not …

I want to state firmly that I do not belong or does not depend on any association, structure, discrete society nor brotherhood … The only association that I recognize is the one that I created, about ten years ago, the DAYA association which, itself, is totally free and does not belong anywhere near any organization.

My teaching advocating freedom and non-dependence with passion, it would be a shame to act against the current message I share. 
In the same way, in my teaching or the different actions that I can undertake with the public, there is no system of dependence, because I invite to the autonomy and the development of the personal power of each one.
Following my internships, there is no form of dependence.

As I do not belong to any structure, I am simply and individually part of a filiation and this is the filiation I got from my Javanese teachers, Mas Joko, Pak Sugeng and Mangku Jitho who all three recognized me as being as they are, spreading their teachings and practicing in the West.



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