Banniere Shamanism


Shamanism is a practice centered on the communication between human beings and the spirits of nature or the souls,
the dead of the clan, the souls of unborn children, the souls of the sick to heal, the communication with deities, etc.
It is the shaman who embodies this function, within the framework of a close interdependence with the community which recognizes him as such.

Shamanism, what is it?

Man has always sought to get in contact with this invisible part of the creation, spirits of places, ancestors, nature, animals …. Shamanism is an art transmitted which goes back a very long time; it allows us to reconnect to our environment, nature, our sacred essence in order to reclaim our personal power, find our own way through life.

This art is accessible to anyone with a desire to reach these realms and to be consciously committed to working in this direction.

The shamanic practice that we propose sticks to the use of the drum during ceremonies and rituals without the use of entheogenic plants.

Shamans, the masters of disorder