Banniere Kejawen


The Javanese culture is imbued with beliefs and practices that already existed before the arrival of the major religions. We call kejawen (from Jawi, “Java”) all elements of Javanese culture considered essentially Javanese. We translate this word by “Javanism”. Historians trace these beliefs and rituals back to the Hindu-Buddhist period in the history of Central and Eastern Java, which dates from the eighth to the fourteenth century AD. All of these cultural values produce a system of thought that gives Javanese the benchmarks they will then use in their daily lives.

The practice of Kejawen brings a development of the internal energy in the body to be in better health as well as to better feel the energies that surround us. This developed energy allows us to live in harmony with our surroundings and especially in a close relationship with nature.

A nod to Java, the magic !