Banniere Trip to Java 2020

Trip to Java 2020

Journey of immersion, transformation and initiation in the Javanese tradition

from sundy
11 april 2021
to saturday
24 april 2021

Following the success of our last four editions, driven by the enthusiasm of our travelers, we propose a new adventure in the heart of the shamanic traditions of Java in Indonesia. This trip focuses on the initiation, purification, transformation, study and practice of Kejawen (Javanese spiritual tradition).

I will accompany you during these 2 weeks of immersion to make you discover the delicacy, the richness and the power of this preserved and authentic shamanic tradition. We will work with 5 famous dukuns (shamans) in Yogyakarta and in different places of Central Java.

This trip is intended for anyone who already has shamanic skills minimum (the shamanic awakening course that I propose or an equivalent) or a practice of meditation. For the quality of the group, travel, sharing, the number of places for this trip is limited … register now!


The cultural city of Yogyakarta on the island of Java from where we will shine to meet the dukuns (shamans), we will visit the sacred places, we will do ceremonies …


From Sunday, April 19 to Saturday, May 2, 2020


We will be staying in the hotels, but also at home, ideal to meet and taste the Javanese lifestyle.


All our trips will be supported by a team of drivers and their 2 vehicles that will allow us to travel the roads and country roads safely


During the whole trip, we will be accompanied by Patrick Vanhoebrouck who will do the translation (Indonesian – French) during the whole stay but much more, Patrick is also anthropologist by training, living in Java for more than 20 years, he is also practicing of Kejawen. He will immerse us in the magic of Javanese culture at all times of the journey.


The price and services are provided from your arrival at Yogyakarta airport on Sunday, April 19 to Saturday, May 2, at your departure from Solo airport.


• The price of 1800 € includes:
All transportation from your arrival at Yogyakarta airport to your return to Solo airport, all accommodation during the whole stay, lessons with different dukuns, tours, temples entrances, translation, all meals and drinks (based on a meal and a local drink), 1 shamanic treatment with a Dukun, 1 massage.

• The price does not include:
Domestic and international flights to Yogyakarta city (contact me so I can help you), health insurance, repatriation, flights, luggage …, tips, shopping, drinks extra, the extra care you might want to take with dukuns or masseurs.

• Flights:
When we reach the minimum number of travelers (10), I will propose a flight, a company. You can take these flights from home on the internet or, I would put you in touch with a friend travel agent who can handle that for you. The third possibility is to take the flights that you prefer, which may not be the ones I propose. The idea is to arrive Sunday, April 19 in Yogyakarta and leave Saturday, May 2 (unless you want to extend). The average price for flights from France to Indonesia is around 900 € / 1000 €


When you register, I will ask you to make a payment of € 1,100, which will validate your registration. The balance of 700 € will be paid in cash on site at your arrival.



Indonesia is a mosaic of peoples and ethnic groups where Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindusites and animists rub shoulders. Everyone lives at their own pace, from the most traditional to the most frenetic. Indonesia is also a multitude of islands, gorged in the middle of the Indian Ocean with capricious waters. Nature is no exception: in Java, the volcanic mountains compete with extraordinary landscapes.

You will understand, Indonesia, this island with lush vegetation is fascinating. Generous and multicultural, Indonesia invites the traveler to change of scenery … and it is successful.



The dukuns are known for their powers of healing and witchcraft throughout Indonesia, especially in Java, an island where the inhabitants have retained strong animist beliefs and other ancestral cults despite the arrival of Islam.

A dukun is not born dukun. This is another dukun who passes on his knowledge. Yet do not become dukun who wants. The person who wishes to become dukun must possess the necessary spiritual resources, otherwise the extraordinary powers inculcated in him will destroy him. These powers are called ilmu (science). There are ilmus for almost everything: to find a lost object, to become rich or invulnerable, to see what happens elsewhere … There is even an ilmu to predict important world events, and, even more rarely, to to fly, disappear or change into an animal.

Today we consult a dukun especially for his healing powers.


Tenaga dalam can be translated into French as “internal dragon”. Tenaga dalam defines energy work, close to what the Chinese call Qi Gong or Pranayama Indians. This is all energy work that is very important to connect with our environment, allow us to be healthy, to use this energy to protect, treat …


Javanese massage is a very popular type of massage in Indonesia. He uses all the parts of the therapist, palm, fingers … to knead and massage the muscles of the body. The procedure of the global massage is facilitated by the use of massage oil. Javanese massage relieves tension, reduces back pain and helps to heal fractures. Although it is robust (and sometimes even painful) this type of massage is very beneficial for health.



The Ratu Kidul, or Queen of the South in Javanese, is a queen-goddess, mythical figure of the traditional Javanese religion. She is the protector of the island of Java and gives for centuries their legitimacy to the kings of Java.

Many miracles are attributed to him; it controlled the violent currents around the island, especially those around Parangkusumo beach south of Yogyakarta. Among the recent miracles attributed to it, it would have prevented the Dutch colonial army from entering the kraton (royal palace) of Yogyakarta where Soekarno, the first president of the Republic of Indonesia (from 1945 to 1967) had taken refuge



Built in the 10th century, it is the largest shivaite ensemble in Indonesia. In the middle of the last of the concentric square enclosures rise the three temples, decorated with reliefs illustrating the epic Ramayana, dedicated to the three great Hindu deities: Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, and three temples dedicated to animals that serve as mount to these gods.


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