Shamanic awakening workshop – october

Your gateway to the world of shamanism
350€ Accomodation, meals and teaching

from friday 15 october 2021
to sundy 17 october 2021


The shamanic awakening course is the stage you need to practice, it is the gateway to discover an intimate connection with nature, the elements and the spirit world

During this internship, thanks to the shamanic journey to the drum, the ceremonies, the initiations … You will discover a set of tools, protocols, protections to allow you to realize your own shamanic journeys for your work of introspection to enter into an intimate relationship with nature and the spirits that inhabit it.


Content of the workshop :
– Theory of shamanism
– Learning shamanic drum journey
– Travels in different shamanic worlds
– Connect with your allies in these different worlds
– Learning a ceremony
– Learning a shamanic skincare technique
– Individual initiation
– Work with the spirits of nature

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