Kejawen training 2019-2020

Cycle of 9 workshops from September 22, 2019 to June 28, 2020. First year training is open to anyone interested. No prerequisites required. It is important to understand, before registering, that you need to participate in the 9 workshops
50 € Price for each workshop

from saturday 28 november 2020
to sundy 28 november 2021

Following the success of the first year, we propose a new training cycle in Kejawen.

The Javanese culture is imbued with beliefs and practices prior to the arrival of the major religions. We call kejawen (from Jawi, “Java”) all elements of Javanese culture considered essentially Javanese. We translate this word by “Javanism”. Historians trace these beliefs and rituals back to the Hindu-Buddhist period in the history of Central and Eastern Java, which dates from the eighth to the fourteenth century AD. All of these cultural values produce a system of thought that gives Javanese benchmarks to lead their daily lives.

The practice of Kejawen brings a development of the internal energy in the body to be in better health as well as to better feel the energies which surround us. This developed energy allows us to live in harmony with our surroundings and especially in a close relationship with nature.

During this training cycle we will try to work closely with nature. We therefore offer for our first two sessions (Sunday, September 22 and Sunday, October 13) to meet at the parking of E. Leclerc shopping center d’Iraty in Anglet. We will organize a carpooling and we will leave for the day (light hike and ceremonies, connections). For the other sessions of this cycle, we will meet on Saturday afternoons in Anglet, in a beautiful spacious room (the address will be given to the people who registered).

In practice, during this training cycle, we will study:
– The Javanese philosophical concepts

– The philosophy of nature in Kejawen

– Energy forms (Tenaga Dalam) to develop energy in our body

– Mudras (forms of connection using contacts between different fingers or parts of the body)

– Mantras (invocations, songs with practical functions)

– Meditations to develop our feelings

– Connection ceremonies in sacred places in the Basque Country

– The Javanese astrological system (Weton + Wuku)

– Traditional Javanese traditional initiation

The principle of this Kejawen training cycle is to form a group at the beginning of the season and to meet together every month to progress, study, share, experiment. This group will start in September 2019 and will close in June 2020.

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    The dates :

    • Sunday, September 22 from 9h to 18h (hiking + learning in nature)

    • Sunday, October 13 from 9h to 18h (hiking + learning in nature)

    • Sunday, November 10 from 14h to 18h (Espace Naad, Anglet)

    • Saturday, November 30 from 14h to 18h (Space Naad, Anglet)
• Sunday 19th January from 14h to 18h (Espace Naad, Anglet)

    • Saturday, February 15 from 14h to 18h (Space Naad, Anglet)
• Sunday March 15th from 14h to 18h (Espace Naad, Anglet)

    • Saturday, May 16 from 14h to 18h (Espace Naad, Anglet)

    • Sunday, June 28 from 9h to 18h (hiking + learning in nature)

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