Banniere Actions


This page of our site is dedicated to the good news!

Please note that when you participate in an event on this site, part of the funds collected is dedicated to carry actions in countries with which we have a close relationship and in which we have a reliable network among the communities that is in Indonesia and Nepal.

Throughout the year, our association DAYA carries out actions that we will be publishing on this page as the year progresses. For information, in 2018, the association DAYA has financed several projects for a total amount of about 4000 €. Cutting put the middlemen, the money allocated got 100% paid to final beneficiaries. Additionally, any exchange cost and fee was supported by Daya.

So, let’s practice shamanism and participate in concrete projects in shamanic communities that need it!

Liladevi Bastola – Nepal

In 2014, during my trip to Nepal, I went to the village of Nagarkot. The devastating earthquake destroyed 90% of this village in north-eastern Kathmandu in the Himalayan mountains. The brave and courageous villagers have been doing their best since then to rebuild.
My friend Bhola Banstola told me about this woman you can see in this picture: her name is Liladevi Bastola. During the earthquake, she lost her husband, her house, her job. As a result, she could not pay for the studies of her 2 children. FYI, the corrugated sheets and planks that you see behind her were part of her makeshift shelter (I do not dare to talk about home) for her and her son.

Following this trip, we initiated several awareness-raising campaigns and we managed to collect a considerable amout of money that we sent in full so she could rebuild a house.

We went back to this village last summer and we met Liladevi Bastola again. She only needed a little more money for the doors, windows and roof insulation. It’s done. Below is a picture of my friend Bhola Banstola giving her, in hand, this sum of money that will allow him to finish his house. The light of her smile says a lot.


Schooling of a young Nepalese – Nepal

During this summer’s 2018 trip to Nepal, we met a shaman incorporating the Kali deity living in Kathmandu. This woman was leading a simple life, selling rice in a small stall, in the maze of Kathmandu streets. She had a hard time funding her son’s education. It’s now sorted! Daya financed one year of his schooling. We will then see …


Demping – Indonesia

In Indonesia, on the island of Java, at the foothills of Mount Lawu, is located the village of Demping. In this village, one of our Dukun (Mangku Jitho) preserves the traditions of Javanese Tantra with its farming community. The government, last year, set up a water reserve near the village to supply water to the villages below. Mangku Jitho felt the need to make an altar and statues to honor spirits of plenty and prosperity near this reserve for the benefit of all on the Lawu and beyond …


The association Daya financed the manufacture of these two statues, the altar and also a statues of Tara to come. Above, a photo of the inauguration ceremony held last September.